What Is Semalt Market?

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  1. Introduction
  2. About Semalt
  3. The Semalt Market 
  4. Their Product
  5. Their Advantages
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In this digital age, a business cannot afford to operate without a website. But it's not only about having a website. Things have to be in vogue. That's how to stay relevant. The business has to pay attention to the website's content, calendar, links, speed, structure, ease of navigation, design, UX, SEO (on-page, off-page, and technical), SEM, traffic, ranking, ease of crawl, and indexing by search engine bots, pages, marketing, updates, re-design, and so much more. The list seems endless. And the key to getting it right is to START RIGHT. 

While creating the website (before going live), all these factors and more have to be in place. And that's why website developers earn a lot from helping businesses go live. But you can save yourself the stress by buying a website that already has all of these things covered. This article is about a company that provides professional website templates for businesses in any niche. By the time you reach the end of this article, you have enough information to buy a website immediately.

About Semalt

Before discussing their market, here are a few things about who they are. They are a reputable SEO company that has been providing tools and services to their customers since 2013. When they started, they only provided analytics services but they have developed since then. Not only do they now analyze websites for free, but they also provide a wide range of ways to help their clients stay relevant online. Their services include Auto SEO, Full SEO, Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD), SEO API, Reseller Program, Website analysis, and Semalt Market

Their Auto SEO service helps customers to improve their website's ranking by using a few affordable tools and strategies. It includes link building, troubleshooting of website errors, a website report, and so on. Their full SEO service increases the benefit of Auto SEO by adding comprehensive SEO support and content writing to the list of benefits. Semalt DSD is for those that want to increase sales, number of loyal customers, and overall, revenue. The reseller program is for those that want to resell SEO services. This tool helps them to earn income while the company gains new in-direct customers. Website analysis, which was the first service provided, helps website owners know where their site stands and how they can improve it. It is now offered for free on any of Semalt's official websites. 

The latest service that Semalt now provides, is the market. Semalt market is an e-commerce store by Semalt where they have 200+ professional ready-made websites for sale. The next section explains more about this. 

The Semalt Market

Purchasing a website from Semalt Market relieves people of the stress and work that comes with creating a new website from scratch. They have over 200 websites in different niches with cool domain names and existing content. And each website goes through a regular update to keep it fresh and relevant. These websites are also prepared and ready to go live immediately after they are bought.

Their websites all have a logical structure, constructive categories, well-organized pages, and great content with images and texts. The texts are also written with words that are easy to understand. Therefore, there is nothing else to worry about other than going live. 

The categories of their website include medicine (medical category), outdoor and travel, sports and games, home and family, food and restaurant, beauty and fashion, electronics, photography and design, business, motorcycles and cars, and finance. Hence, every customer can find a website that suits his or her need and business idea. And you don't have to think of a domain name - they've got one for every website.

Their product

Getting a website to go live involves a lot of steps which include designing the page, creating a domain name, coding, optimizing, and so on. You would need a few specialists to make this possible, including a content writer, graphic designer, website creator and designer, SEO specialist, customer success manager, project manager, website analyst, front-end developer, back-end developer, content manager, and QA Engineer. You can either hire these professionals individually or hire a company that provides these services.

But it would make things slow, frustrating, expensive, and too technical, especially for someone that just needs a website to sell shoes on a small or medium scale. For such a purpose, hiring all these professionals might be a little extreme. In a matter of a few hours, you can have a website with a catchy domain name to begin your business. And aside from being ready-made, here are a few other characteristics of websites at Semalt Market:
  1. Bound to rank High: Semalt is an innovative SEO company and while they have continued to work actively to serve clients with services that help websites to rank high, their website won't be any less. They guarantee that all their websites have been well-optimized and their templates are easy for search engine bots to crawl and index. They also assure clients that their websites have user-friendly designs and navigation, so there will be no need to hire someone to do that. 
  2. Well-coded: Customers are relieved of the technicalities of coding a website after buying one. All their sites have spotless codes in every line, and their templates are professionally created to birth only flawless operation. 
  3. Protected with SSL certificates: They also assure that that site is secured and protected against harm, scam, and malicious attacks. They guarantee 100% security by providing an SSL certificate. This also saves customers the money of getting one independently. 
  4. Responsive: Last but not least, the website is assured to be responsive on both large and small screen sizes. So customers can say goodbye to slow-loading pages when they buy from Semalt Market. 

However, there are three items in the terms and conditions of Semalt Market that should be taken note of before making a purchase:
Regarding refunds, they have some personnel that the issue can be directed to with a reason for a refund. And according to the policy, it would be resolved with a week. 

Their Advantages

Semalt Market isn't the only marketplace selling websites online, it isn't even among ten marketplaces. There are over a hundred marketplaces online that sell ready-made websites. So what makes Semalt Market different or unique? Here are reasons people would choose Semalt over other marketplaces:
  1. History: Semalt has been providing SEO tools and services since 2013. Unlike many other marketplaces, they have been around for a while, and therefore, they know what they are doing. They understand the market and can create websites that would thrive in today's world. They don't just put websites out there, they do so out of years of experience.
  2. A Good Reputation: The company has been known to improve a business's visibility, traffic, sales, and revenue through its services. Hence, they have built a good reputation over time. They are now highly trusted to serve only quality products and services. Semalt Market won't be any different. Since they provide their services with transparency and on time, customers can expect that their websites would also be quality. 
  3. Guaranteed Authenticity: Unlike some other marketplaces, Semalt has a physical location which makes them have guaranteed authenticity. In the case of any matter, they can be visited at their physical office during their working hours. They also have many contact options for those that don't want to go all the way to where they are located. They can be contacted through email, social media, and any of their official website. Their customer service is also very active and can be accessed 24 / 7.
  4. Quality: Many marketplaces talk about the quality of their product, but they cannot be compared with Semalt's. The company is already sold out to creating websites that make money and rank high on search engine result pages. Therefore, their product would receive the same quality treatment. Buying a website from Semalt Market should be like paying for what they already do. 
  5. Affordability: Finally, their websites are not overly priced. They are all affordable within a few hundred dollars. Customers can also analyze their website and get a free quote through any of their official websites. 


Businesses stand a chance to launch their product and service online in only a matter of hours by purchasing a ready-made website from Semalt Marketplace. And no matter the category of their business, there is a website designed and prepared for such niche. They are more reliable than other marketplaces because of their history and reputation in providing only quality services and their experience in website development. So if you want to purchase a website now, you can access them through their official website, their email address, phone number, and their physical office in Ukraine. 

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