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The title “SEO Rocks” hints that something exciting about SEO is about to follow. You are right because this article is going to reveal a lot of useful information about SEO.

Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an integral part of every Online Marketing strategy. Most business owners and webmasters are well-aware of its importance and use it to achieve success.

Now it’s your turn to learn all the crucial things about SEO. This article will explain what is SEO, why it is vital for online marketing, and how it can accelerate the growth of your online business?

What is SEO?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art of improving the rank and reach of websites, web pages, and their content on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

SEO simplifies the discovery of a website or webpage via search engines. Suppose that you initiate a search using some keywords in one of the search engines. Then, the website or webpage optimized for those keywords will top the search results.

The objective of optimizing a website to be in harmony with search engines is quite clear. It drives more traffic towards a website and increases the number of visitors or potential customers/ clients (if the site represents a company).

Why SEO for Online Businesses?

Many businesses and brands dealing online know about SEO and its importance. Despite this, they do not practice SEO.

Do you know why?

Well, they need more reasons to start believing that SEO will also benefit their online business. Here are a few reasons to prove that SEO helps a brand grow, irrespective of the business or industry size.
  • SEO enhances the user experience
Every business owner wants to increase visibility and organic ranking in search results. However, very few focuses on enhancing the user experience.

It is vital to understand that better user experience boosts ranking and visibility. Customers are aware of their needs. If they visit a website and their needs remain unsatisfied, it leads to bad user experience.

To improve user experience on your site, you should focus on the content. It should provide them with the desired information without much effort.
  • SEO makes a business trustworthy
If an online business needs to be successful, people should trust it. Improvements made via the SEO process make a company or brand trustworthy.

Many elements are essential for building trust and gaining a higher rank on search engines. For example, getting high-quality backlinks, doing on-page optimization, including ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages, adding ‘Author’s Bio’ at the end of articles, and others.

One thing you should remember that trust build-up doesn’t happen in a day, week, or month. Patience is the key. Also, you shouldn’t stop offering quality products or/ and services. Your efforts will encourage people to trust your brand.
  • SEO is affordable
You indeed have to pay for hiring professional SEO services. But SEO services are relatively cheap if compared to other promotional methods.

Some people consider SEO as an expense. Well, they need to correct themselves because SEO is an investment. If done appropriately, SEO results shine for a long time. The ROI from SEO is higher than other online promotional methods.

If you have just started your online business, your advertising budget might be limited. The best you can do is go for AI-based SEO services, such as AutoSEO.  It is the most affordable SEO services in the market.

  • SEO impacts buying decisions
Most customers buying or interested in purchasing a product or service prefer researching before investing in it.

Business owners or brands can create SEO strategies to forward their messages about great deals and outstanding products or/ and services. Their offerings will reach the right audience at the right time.

Based on your SEO strategy, buyers may either feel attracted or not. Their attraction leads to positively impacting the buying decisions. A business or brand should be visible when customers need it.
  • SEO drives traffic via organic search
Organic search remains at the center whenever it is about improving the performance of an online business. It is also one of the biggest factors that lead to increased engagement and conversion.

As more than 75 percent of searches all over the world come from Google, the primary focus of SEO strategies should be on Google. It is the leader, and guidelines issued by it must be followed closely.

Some people do not believe in the advantages of organic search, and thus, employ unethical SEO techniques to get a higher rank.

Their website surely ranks higher in the beginning. However, when Google identifies the discrepancies, it punishes the site either by downgrading or completely kicking it out of the search results.

SEO Techniques to Accelerate the Growth of Online Businesses

You might be knowing that people all over the world collectively initiate billions of searches every day via search engines.

It shows how important it is to appear higher on the search results. A higher rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) increases visibility and attracts more traffic.

More visitors to a website mean more potential customers. When these prospects convert into customers, your business earns more profits and grows eventually.

So, it is how SEO helps businesses gain popularity as well as growth. Below are some SEO techniques that can accelerate the growth of online businesses.

1. Use Keywords Smartly

Keywords have always been an integral part of SEO strategies. However, the method of using keywords has changed over time. Keywords are also important because they help prospects discover their requirements.

Suppose that your business is an organic skincare brand. The most obvious keywords phrase for you will be ‘organic skincare products’ because customers will be using it most whenever they need to buy organic products for the skin.

You can smartly use this keyword in the Content, URLs, Web Pages, Page Titles, Headings & Subheadings, Metadata, Image Descriptions, and Emails. Smart placement of keywords means you include secondary (LSI) keywords as well.

2. Create Compelling Content

A website without compelling content is nothing. It portrays your offerings in such a way that visitors to your website find it valuable and share it with others.

When people search the internet for something, they come across blogs, articles, web pages, videos, images, and other forms of content made to answer their queries.

When you build high-quality, relevant, engaging, and authoritative content, people will get their answers. They will trust you and your brand over others. Remember, every business owner waits for this opportunity. You can utilize their trust to build relationships and convert prospects into customers.

Compelling content is available in different forms. For your website, you can create blogs, videos, podcasts, animations, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, product reviews, how-to guides, lists, and others.

3. Sharpen On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is essential for the success of every business operating online. Digital Marketing experts also vote for On-Page SEO and provide many reasons in favor of it. 

On-Page SEO increases the ranking of a site in search results, makes it more user-friendly, simplifies its indexing in search engines, and helps in optimizing all essential elements on a website.

To sharpen On-Page SEO on your site, you can: 
  • Create descriptive and unique title tags 
  • Write keyword-optimized and descriptive alternate texts for images 
  • Increase the page load speed
  • Make URLs sensible and easily readable 
  • Write attractive and informative meta descriptions
And, much more.

4. Use Social Media

Today, Digital Marketers can’t think of an SEO strategy without the involvement of Social Media. It is because modern consumers prefer engaging with brands through social media channels.

If you explore HubSpot’s Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2020, you’ll learn about the importance of Social Media for marketers and businesses.

Social Media channels are a great way to discover new audiences, generate more leads, and build robust relationships with clients/ customers.

In addition to all this, Social Media puts forward the human side of businesses. Many businesses use these channels to interact with customers and solve their doubts/ issues. Also, you can use Social Media platforms like Facebook as a Digital Marketing tool.

5. Be Mobile-Friendly

It’s the smartphone age. Reports suggest that out of all the searches on Google, 58% are initiated from mobile devices. And, this figure is continuously growing.

You must optimize your site for Google without forgetting mobile devices. The very first thing you should do is make your site mobile-friendly. If you dive into the mobile-friendly update from Google, you’ll discover that it penalizes websites that are not in harmony with mobile devices.

This update also clarifies that there is a Mobile-first index from Google where search results are ranked according to a page’s mobile version.

Final Words

There are many ways to get the attention of buyers, but SEO is the best and cheapest of them. If you are running an online business and want to see remarkable growth, think about SEO. 

SEO always rocks because even a minimal SEO strategy can bring remarkable results. If you want your online business to show significant and consistent growth, go for comprehensive SEO services by highly-qualified experts.